The Black Art Depot

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The Black Art Depot

The Black Art Depot was founded in 2004 in Atlanta, GA by Kani Saburi Ayubu.

Decatur - Stone Mountain

Art & Artwork


2569 Park Central Blvd - Decatur GA 30035

Local: (678) 916-6545 Text: (404) 537-1270.

Our goal is to be the top supplier of African-American art, gifts and collectibles worldwide. We believe that art can be used as a tool to turn houses into homes, to motivate and inspire lost souls, and to bring happiness into the hearts of others.

When you shop with The Black Art Depot you are purchasing art from a company that not only sells art, we also understand art and the many ways it can be used to improve the life of our customers. We are proud to be Black owned and operated and we work hard to earn your business and deliver excellent customer service every single day.