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Fabien Kusuanika

Democratic Republic of Congo


Fabien Kusuanika



I propose Mr. Fabien Kusuanika for his engaging, objective and direct message through "Tshangu TV", his Youtube channel. He addresses politicians in his country, the DRC, without complacency but courtesly.

To me, he was the very first Congolese diaspora journalist to tackle the main population problems.

I am convinced that he needs to be recognized a prize for not only objectively informing but also opening his fellow citizens eyes on what really going on. 

He deserves to be nominated because he fulfills the criteria, in particular he has made obvious performances considering his professional past of twenty years ago; he has managed to carry out an impressive job the last 3 or 4 years to the point of being ranking on top list of diaspora journalists the most followed for several months; finally, he is obviously of a good moral character making objective analyzes even if they have a certain color.

Proposed by

Franck Yata

Resident of Atlanta GA, USA

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